What is this blog?

As our world faces some of its greatest challenges including nuclear proliferation, population overload and irreversible climate change, the election of a demagogue like Donald Trump to the Presidency of my nation has cemented and clarified in me some of things I want to say as an artist.

This blog will be my creative journal.  As an actor and vocalist, multi-media artist, writer and producer, I recognize the repeating patterns of humanity and hear the call from history to chronicle this era.

We have seen the rise of populism before.  Racism has regenerated and misogyny is not just alive but thriving.  Up is made down.  Fact and Lies collide. We thought we were beyond this.  But the cycles repeat.  And here we are once more, where we’ve often been as a species, and you think we would have learned by now to recognize the signs on the roads that inevitably lead us to the actions we always, as a species, regret.

But here we go again, one more time around the spiral. And again we will leave documentation to the ones who come after so that perhaps humankind can learn one day to find a new paradigm and truly conquer the basest inclinations of our nature.

This blog will be a curated collection of my own work as well as work that I find inspirational, provocative, insightful or satirical.  My work will include essays, digital art, music and more, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but all with the common thread of reflecting the zeitgeist as I perceive it here in the Age of Trump.

~Christine Mascott