Breaking the Wheel – Essay

This was a fb post right after the Executive ‘Muslim Ban’ Order:

Take the whole refugee outrage thing out of play for a minute and just look at the total mess! We’re in a fast car headed for a tall cliff because this administration has absolutely no idea what it’s doing. It is embarrassing that our leader has to be schooled by Germany on our foreign obligations.

Not only is he releasing all of these orders without vetting by the departments they effect, he is creating these edicts with very little input from anyone beyond his inner circle, a small circle which includes his son-in-law and a self proclaimed Leninist who refers to himself as Darth Vader. And Trump just reorganized the NSC to include this right wing extremist but eliminate the Joint Chiefs.

His orders so far have baffled the law community due to their incompetency. I read a piece by a conservative lawyer who described them as looking like “something an intern threw together on their lunch hour”. The Governor of Washington just said this administration couldn’t organize “a two car funeral.” in the aftermath of the airport detentions.

Executive Orders are not corporate memos from an omnipotent CEO, they should be well thought through, vetted legal documents intended to govern. The implementation of the “Muslim ban” was a cluster! With no firm plan, a lack of legally defined terms, no clear implementation instructions, no advanced warning, nothing, it was pronounced like a royal edict and led to total chaos at airports worldwide. And on top of it all violated our Geneva Conventions agreement on refugees and discriminated against groups due to religion.

The state department has limited staff due to the firing/resignation situation last week. Diplomatic posts are intentionally unfilled, but he’s playing around with situations that require a great deal of input and expertise from these kinds of people who understand foreign relations.

He’s taking no input from our Intelligence Agencies but watches copious amount of television, conducts foreign policy on twitter, and is basing his ideology on a diet of conspiracy theorists and Fox News.

He’s instructed governmental departments not to talk to Congress and muzzled federal employees. He’s declared that we’re building a wall, but hasn’t asked Congress for the money. But he has pissed off Mexico. And then there’s the hornets nest he’s started buzzing over in China.

He does not understand how government works! He refuses to listen to people who do. HE’S PLAY ACTING AT BEING PRESIDENT. But what he’s really doing is recklessly breaking the wheel with no spare in the trunk.

Exactly what Bannon wants.


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